LESGO – EU project on hydrogen production and storage – has concluded

LESGO technology could become an alternative hydrogen carrier in the future, pending further developments.

April 17, 2024

On the 8th and 9th of April, the LESGO (EU H2020 project) consortium met in Turin at FIAT headquarters for the final project meeting.

The consortium shared the latest project results, including the results of the experimental campaign of graphene hydrogenation with the prototype developed by Hysytech. During the closing meeting, partners assessed the experimental campaign’s results from an economic point of view, and these analyses suggested that LESGO technology is very promising for specific large-scale applications in H2 production and storage, pending further developments.

The LESGO project proposes to store energy in the C-H bond of reduced graphene oxide (rGO-H), demonstrating that rGO-H is an ideal energy stock, at an affordable cost, used to supply electrical power on demand.

ICFO has been responsible for the advanced characterization of rGO-H suspensions and its correlation with theoretical simulations. Also, it has been also involved in exploring alternative dehydrogenation techniques via laser sources, as well as contributing to the testing and validation of the prototype,

Stay tuned for the project’s afterlife and the consortium’s outcomes related to H2 production and storage.